We Believe
  • Our connection to nature is essential for our health and wellness and for the health and wellness of the environment.
  • Through connection comes respect and thus a desire to protect – ourselves, each other, and our planet.
  • Business is responsible for initiating positive change and engaging in eco-friendly decision making.
  • It is our duty to leave our habitat, our planet, better than we found it.


Nature is Calling is a company and brand that echoes the call of earth’s silent, and not so silent, stakeholders -- the animals, birds, air, mountains, rivers, oceans.   Its message, simply stated, Nature is Calling.  It calls to each of us - a call to action!  The question - how will you answer?  


Our products, all carefully selected, are calling cards to everyone.  They are invitations and reminders to all to connect, to respect, and to protect Mother Nature.