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Martha Joh Reeder, a mom, author and educator was inspired to create this company to be a conduit to facilitate responsible and sustainable living. 


A marketer by trade, Martha Joh understands that the story has to be told, clearly, concisely, and employing tools accepted by the audience.  Using literature, unique products, and blogging, she provides an opportunity for all to participate.  The intention is to fan the momentum of the individual efforts and inspire greater awareness and participation.  


A professor of sustainable business practices and lover of nature, she has a deep understanding that connecting with nature is not just healthy for the individual, it is essential for protecting our natural resources, our world.  Her soon to be released children's book, Nature is Calling,  was created to nurture this connection.  Written for children to be read by and discussed with adults, it spurs conversation and curiosity.  


"As members of a community and the global economy, each member’s voice and participation is imperative as a collective to protect our earth."

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