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Gary Jones is a well-known wildlife artist whose work can be found in many private and corporate collections.  


 A graduate of the Southern California Art Center School of Design, he has worked in the professional world of design creating award-winning promotions for companies and nonprofits.


His commissioned work is held in distinguished private and corporate collections.   His drawings of Native Americans filled the pages of a bicentennial calendar for Schlitz Brewing Company with several million copies being distributed. The original art was later donated to and displayed in the Smithsonian in Washington D.C.


Of Chickasaw descent, Jones’ unique gift for reverently capturing the detailed spiritual and physical nature of his subjects is a signature element of his style.


Today the artist lives and sketches in the Big Sky country of Montana enjoying the very nature for which he has such an intimate personal and artistic relationship.  He shares his inherent "call to nature" with his children and grandchildren and his fly fishing friends.

The Centennial Series

Celebrating the National Park Centennial, this iconic drawing by well-known nature artist Gary Jones, depicts the sacred interconnectedness of life and a call to the observer to see, hear, engage, respect, enjoy and protect Mother Nature.  His hand drawn pen and ink renderings capture each animal’s nobility in intricate detail. 


As the wolf howls, the circle of North American animals face the interior landscape while reaching out to the observer through direct eye contact. 


The subtle yin/yang symbol in the center represents complementary forces interacting in a dynamic system supporting the greater whole. 


The animals stand sentinel around the circle- protecting the whole of which they are each an integral part.


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