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eco-conscious                people friendly

Because we believe that business is responsible for initiating positive change and engaging in sustainable business practices, we shop for suppliers that also subscribe to these core values.  We consider the  triple bottom line - planet, profit, and people in our decision making process.  


Where possible, we choose organic cotton.  


Why should you wear organic cotton?   Here's just a few great reasons:

  • Organic cotton is chemical free 

  • Organic cotton is better for the environment 

  • Organic cotton is better for the farmer and cotton harvester

  • Organic cotton is better for those with allergies or sensitive skin 

  • Organic cotton is better for you... and you’re worth it

  • Organic cotton matters and it’s worth the extra couple of bucks




Sometimes this means paying a bit more.  

We think it is worth it.  

We think you're worth it!



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